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Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation


The Southern Berkshire Rural Health Network is a group of health and service providers who recognize that the health and well-being of our community could  be better. 


We recognize that South Berkshire County has many high quality services but that many people are not able to take advantage of them.


We  recognize that there are needs that we do not have the services to meet in our community.


We meet twice a month to share resources and concerns and develop strategies for addressing the identified concerns.


Our South Berkshire Community

South Berkshire County is part of America’s Premier Cultural Resort.  We have theater and dance.  We have an abundance of natural resources – mountains, streams, ponds and lakes.  We have fresh air, hiking, biking. We have access to organic produce, farm-to-table restaurants and alternative and complementary health care practitioners. 

South Berkshire County has an abundance of resources in the form of caring individuals, service organizations, a critical access hospital, a federally qualified community health center, and a free volunteer clinic to meet the health care needs of our residents.



According to the Robert Wood Johnson County Rankings, Berkshire County ranks #5 out of 14 in clinical care, and #12 out of 14 in health outcomes.

Families in poverty

  • 20% or more of the population in parts of Great Barrington, Stockbridge, Sheffield. (Community Commons map)

  • 5% to 20% of the population in parts of New Marlborough, Monterey, Tyringham, Great Barrington, Stockbridge and Lee. (Community Commons map)

  • Largest cohort - between $25,000 - $50,000 (often the working poor); more people making under $25,000/year than $150,000/year. (BRPC)

  • 8.3% of individuals and 4.5% of families. (BRPC)

  • 62% families living paycheck to paycheck (BCAC)

  • 38% of population had difficulty putting food on the table (Western Mass Food Bank)



  • The percent of students economically disadvantaged ranges from 30% -44%. (school websites)

  • The percent of students whose first language is not English is 4%-7%. (school websites)

  • Students identified with High Needs is 40%-45%, (school websites)

We know this can be better. And, the key to doing better, is to involve everyone, the providers and the users, in making the changes that will improve people’s lives.



We look forward to populating this calendar with events from throughout the community. If you are interested in being part of this, please email 

How to Get Involved

Learn what is happening in South Berkshire County

Come to community meetings to be a problem-solver

Work with us to make good things happen



ADDRESS: 20 Lewis Avenue, Great Barrington, MA 01230

TEL: 413 429-8776  |  FAX: 413 429-8777

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